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10 Jan 2019 A Resolution Worth Talking About

Priscilla tells me that her resolution for 2019 is to renovate her personal lexicon. A lexicon, or specialized vocabulary, personal and specific to you consists of the words you most frequently use. We each have our own. Many words appear in the lexicons of many people,...

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12 Dec 2018 Wish List of Communication Junkies

A poll of random* folks asking them to comment on The State of  Communication in our Union, yielded some of the following: I wish people would use the word ‘said’ Example: Yes:  “They said ‘This takes too long.’” No:  “They were going, ‘This takes too long.’"Dear God,...

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11 Sep 2018 Good Question

Marble has learned to give feedback in constructive and helpful ways, and she prides herself on maintaining steady communication with her staff.  Good work, Marble. But recently Marble’s new supervisor invited her to a meeting to discuss work assignments.  It seems that the supervisor has ideas...

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04 Aug 2018 Do You Want to Sound Indecisive?

Maybe you do want to avoid committing to a statement, position, or opinion, but there’s a way to do so that makes your indecision clear and unambiguous. “I’m not sure what I think about this, but…..” If, however, indecision is not your goal, there is a phrase...

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17 Dec 2017 Casual Connecting

Marble is not alone in noticing a growing distance between people who are different from one another.  She sees at the least a failure to acknowledge one another, and at worst muttering and frowning. And she knows from what she reads and hears in the...

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02 Oct 2017 A Bad Day for Communication

Demetria arrived at the meeting just in time for Norton to ask her to tell the group her opinion of the proposed software. Assaulted at once by conflicting thoughts and ideas, and aware of the political implications of her answer, Demetria muttered unconvincingly in one direction,...

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