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Quote of the Day

A spoonful of humor makes the message go down easier.
-Frank Leahy

Dear Jane

Dear Jane,

My boss doesn’t, like, involve me in meetings, and she’s, like, not interested in my opinions.  I mean, she’s, like, dismissive of me whenever I, like, ask to be on a special, like committee, or, you know, group or something.

What can I do to, like, get her to respect me more?


Want to be a professional

Dear Want to be,

Try speaking like a professional, or at least like a grown-up.  It’s not hard to do; listen to the professional people around you.

Some of us have only one communication register, but many of you can develop several.  Explore a new one.

Good luck,


Tip of the Day

Using Were and Was

If something is untrue and not likely to ever be true, use Were.

- If I Were queen of the world, every Friday would be a holiday.

If something is not true, but it could be, use Was.

- If I Was in charge of our team, we’d order pizza every Friday.


Spotlight:  Speaking of Professionalism

People sometimes wonder what is meant by ‘professionalism’.  It’s a term that is used a lot to describe a level of achievement or behavior, presumably typified by proficiency and integrity.  In many fields, it also refers to a style of speaking, one that reflects attention to standards of correctness.  This professional style of speaking is one that can be appreciated and understood across lines of industry, age, or job title.  It usually doesn’t include the slang or buzzwords that one might use with friends or social associates.  Problems sometimes arise when people fail to switch from their casual speech patterns when they’re in professional settings, and they risk being perceived negatively.  Unfair?  Maybe – Life isn’t fair – and language does matter.

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