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Quote of the Day

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.
-Josh Billings

Dear Jane

Dear Jane,

My boss expects me to know everything our office does- even things that aren’t my job.  I’m happy to learn, but she isn’t easy to talk to and I don’t want her to think I’m stupid.



Dear Helpless,

Better to ask than to do something wrong.  Your boss will probably be impressed that you want to be accurate.  If she’s really scary, though, maybe you can get help from someone else in the office first.

I’m expected to know what not to chew, but I sometimes check, and it’s always appreciated.

Good luck,


Tip of the Day

Some Common Incorrect Words and Phrases

Supposably - Supposedly

For all intensive purposes – For all intents and purposes

Irregardless – regardless

I could care less – I couldn’t care less

Expresso – espresso

Pacifically – specifically

Excetera – etcetera

Of upmost importance – of utmost importance

I need to lay down. - I need to lie down.

Prolly – probably

Innersting - interesting


Help Yourself by Helping Others


Many of us find it difficult to ask for help – sometimes because we don’t want to admit ignorance, or maybe we don’t want to bother another person.  Here’s what to do the next time you face a big question mark:

Remind yourself that there are a few things you do know, and that ignorance in other things is normal.  Note that most people had to learn whatever it is at some time, too.  Next, think back to a time when someone asked you for help.  Remember how that felt?  Were you annoyed at being asked, or flattered that someone thought you had knowledge to share?  People like to be asked – it gives them a chance to help, or show off, or feel important, and how nice of you to give that gift.  So- help yourself!