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12 Dec 2018 Wish List of Communication Junkies

A poll of random* folks asking them to comment on The State of  Communication in our Union, yielded some of the following: I wish people would use the word ‘said’ Example: Yes:  “They said ‘This takes too long.’” No:  “They were going, ‘This takes too long.’"Dear God,...

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09 Aug 2017 A is for Apology

At the playground Triton cried because Xerxes bit him. Mothers became involved and the following direction was giving to Xerxes: “Tell Triton you’re sorry you bit him, but that you don’t like him to push you.” Observers found this a familiar form of quasi-apology, similar to “I’m sorry...

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10 Jul 2017 Poor Performers Are Not All At The Office

Aurora is a successful supervisor. Her employees appreciate her fair and firm manner, and they are comfortable working with her because she is clear about what she expects, they know she values their contributions, and they know she will tell them what she needs.  Aurora...

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20 Jan 2017 A Time and A Place for Listening

Graded on a scale of 1 to 10, a lot of workplace listening probably falls around a 5 or 6.  Many people have had some listening instruction as part of their professional development, and have learned that listening requires work and attention, and many people...

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