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12 Dec 2018 Wish List of Communication Junkies

A poll of random* folks asking them to comment on The State of  Communication in our Union, yielded some of the following: I wish people would use the word ‘said’ Example: Yes:  “They said ‘This takes too long.’” No:  “They were going, ‘This takes too long.’"Dear God,...

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21 May 2018 Answer the Question!

People don’t read. How else to explain this behavior: Email to Dooney from Enware: Hey, I need to know if you’re running the meeting or if Jengo is doing it.  I want to print the agendas. Also, can we get more copies of the quarterly report?   Email to Enware...

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09 Aug 2017 A is for Apology

At the playground Triton cried because Xerxes bit him. Mothers became involved and the following direction was giving to Xerxes: “Tell Triton you’re sorry you bit him, but that you don’t like him to push you.” Observers found this a familiar form of quasi-apology, similar to “I’m sorry...

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21 Apr 2017 Shedding

Guest post by Jane Pollock, Dog at Work   Spring seems like a good time to get rid of unwanted stuff.  For some of us, the shedding is fairly organic, and a good scratch helps the process along. For others, shedding requires a little more effort, and there...

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20 Jan 2017 A Time and A Place for Listening

Graded on a scale of 1 to 10, a lot of workplace listening probably falls around a 5 or 6.  Many people have had some listening instruction as part of their professional development, and have learned that listening requires work and attention, and many people...

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14 Nov 2016 Writing: Is it Sabotaging your Business?

A threat to many organizations is operating in plain sight.  Day after day this insidious enemy is at work. Every department might be harboring this traitor – yet no-one seems to notice! What is this threat to business success? Bad writing. An informal study of people who have...

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