Attention Remote Workers! Time to Refresh!

Attention Remote Workers! Time to Refresh!

Jane and Alice, Dogs at Work, get it.  Their work is ….uh, remote all the time, pandemic or not.  But during the pandemic their concerns have increased a bit as they share some of the changes experienced by workers everywhere. Too much time spent indoors can make one restive, and accumulated energy can lead to unfortunate communication encounters.  But they know what to do.

Many of our clients have expressed some similar concerns: anxiety, restlessness, confusion, resentment, and all wrapped in a cloud of fatigue.  Workers look for remedies because what shows up in the workplace is decreased cooperation, isolation, arguments, and territorial disputes, and pretty soon everyone is barking at everyone else.

Jane and Alice get a romp in the park and that often does it for them.  If your park outings are limited, though, you might benefit from a different refresher.  Our new virtual workshop, Recharge Your Energy, will show how to manage uncertainty, focus energy, develop and navigate through decisions, and maintain communication and collegiality with those in the work environment- even though it sometimes seems like we don’t know where our next kibble is coming from.

Let us know if we can help.

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