Communication at Work

Communication at Work

The Human Resources director:

I get people in here all the time complaining about the drama and stress and back-biting that goes on. I think people spend more time being angry and upset than they do on their jobs.”

The Supervisor:

“What difference does it make how you give information or requests? It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it. The work has to get done anyway. This is a workplace, not a social club.”

The Team Leader;

“I don’t expect them to like each other, just to be civil.”

The Team Member:

“The way my boss speaks to me affects the way I feel all day.”

The Front Line Employee:

“They’re so worried about how we talk to customers. They should start with how they talk to ME.”

The Customer:

“Yes, we used to do business with them but we’ve gone with another company now.”

Do you know this workplace?

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