Grab! Fire! Shoot!

Grab! Fire! Shoot!

Are we under attack? I don’t think we are, but apparently we’re really busy and have to move quickly.

People “run out and grab a sandwich”, or they invite others to “grab some lunch” with them. Pause a moment for this visual. What’s happening in the restaurants during this grabbing? Well, wait- we probably aren’t in restaurants if we’re grabbing. Is there a stand of food on the sidewalk along which the hurried and harried scurry, snatching food items as they run by?

People “fire off a notice” or “shoot her an email” which I guess implies how quickly these communications are going to occur. Does it speak to the importance of the message? High if we have to get it out there so fast, or low if we can send it without the time- consuming consideration that accompanies some messages.

The Language Grinch is definitely picky, and maybe this is a slow week, word-wise, but these words seem tired to me. There are so many interesting and useful words in our language, and with all the word spouting that goes on, there is plenty of opportunity to try some that you haven’t used, or to use some old word friends in different contexts.

I understand the pull of the familiar, however. Seeking new words is time-consuming, and we’ve established how busy we are. But some of us like a little challenge, busy or not, and maybe we’ll look for a way to break out of the verbal fast lane. The next time you start to run out of the office for lunch (really? Run?) ask yourself if there is something you can do with lunch besides grab it.

If you don’t starve to death, let us know how you do!

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