Guarding The Bird Feeder

Guarding The Bird Feeder

Sometimes there’s a job for which there aren’t specific qualifications.  We look around to see who is has skills that can be adapted to this new job.  Someone whose skills and confidence will let them jump into a new task with ease.

Alice and Jane are not new to such requests.  While guarding the bird feeder might not be an appealing job to everyone, they find it a good fit for them.  Their communication skills make it clear that not everyone is welcome at the feeder, and they know how to present and offer reminders of this rule without offending their friends.  They offer comfort just by being nearby, their watchful monitoring of the water dish ensures that it will be filled, and adjusting their usual work space to working remotely is never a problem for them. They’re pretty confident that the training they’ve had will keep them in new and interesting jobs for as long as they want them.  And aren’t we glad we invested in that training!

Is your staff as job ready as are Alice and Jane?  If not, let us help you bring them along.  You never know when you’ll need someone to guard your bird feeder.

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