In Praise of Teams

In Praise of Teams

Unless you work in a one-person organization, you are part of a team.

But wait~ even though there are others working in the same organization, we don’t work together.  So we aren’t really a team, right?

Not exactly.  There are many kinds of teams.  Those who work in the same organization share the mission, goals, values, and standards of that organization- whether the organization is a huge corporation, or a corner bistro, or even a department within one of those places.

So what?

So, you get to have the team, and the team gets to have you.  Here’s the good stuff about teams:

  • More ideas! Each person’s ideas can be shared discussed, adopted, modified, or discarded.
  • Freedom to experiment!  Within a group there is room for trial and error.
  • More skills!  Each person brings the possibility of a new skill which others can learn or try.
  • New perspectives!  We all see things differently. Looking at something in a new way brings new possibilities.

The power of the team rests with the strength of each member.

At Language at Work, we celebrate our instructors for their creativity, passion, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm.  Their contributions to our team are what makes our programs great. 

Are you ready to celebrate your teams?

Meet our instructors- members of our terrific team.  Let us send one to you for a Team Building workshop.




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