Let Me Ask You a Question

Let Me Ask You a Question

Morton and Lee are getting instructions for completing their assignment.

Instructions begin with, “Make sure the DPR is turned on before you collect the forms.”

Lee doesn’t know what the DPR is but he thinks they’ll figure it out when they get started.

Morton: “What’s the DPR?”

The answer is given and instructions continue. So does Morton.

“Where is the collection box?”

“Which documents get attached?”

“How will they know we’re coming?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Lee begins to fear that they’ll be considered unqualified for this assignment since Morton is asking so many questions! Imagine his surprise at the end of the meeting when he hears the Director say,

“Morton, I know you guys will do a good job with this; I’m confident that you really understand the process. You asked good questions.”


Why is Lee reluctant to ask questions? Fear of appearing ignorant, perhaps? When learning something new, maybe it’s okay to appear ignorant.

The next time you wonder what someone is talking about, and you give yourself a handful of excuses for not asking any questions, ask yourself this one: Why not take a little risk and maybe learn something?

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