Now What?

Now What?

It’s been a year.  A year of change and adjustment, and for many people and organizations, a year of accepting a new normal.

This article ( suggests what a new normal will require, and it’s not hard to imagine how communication will influence and be influenced by these changes.

Communicating through our devices, and meeting one-another on screens can smooth rough edges, but friction-free can mean broad and unclear.  Lost are the layers of messaging provided by body language, repeated conversations, casual referencing.  Processes that are simplified can derail effective problem-solving, decision-making can suffer from reticent team-members, and individuals can be lost in zoom flurries where those who are quick and vocal take over.

Attention to communication will be a big part of the new normal.

Intentional Communication– Focus on your message and learn how to ensure delivery

Intentional Branding – Identify and define your professional statement and learn to promote it.

Intentional Teams– Use the virtual environment to strengthen collaboration and involvement.

Intentional Balance – Clarify roles and goals of professional and personal lives and create strategies to help both.

Let us help you prepare for the new normal.  Call us to schedule communication courses that are intentional and focused.

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