At holiday time we’re urged to remember. Remember those in need; remember the mail delivery people; remember what your sister said your nephew wants; remember how many gift boxes to order for your book group.

The task of remembering really works out the memory muscles in December.  And this makes me think about what our memories are doing during the rest of the year.

For many people, the answer is: struggling.  Classes in Memory are popular; complaints about forgetting are common.  Memory is a hot issue.  The reasons for memory lapses are fairly well known and not mysterious.  They can be age-related, stress- related, ditzy-brain-related, or just distraction-related.

And the solutions aren’t difficult or …uh, hard to remember.  Many of them have to do with just paying attention.  Being in the moment is a good guide to memory improvement.  We don’t remember what we didn’t get in the first place.  Or usually that’s true.

A good course, Memory: Use it or Lose it, extends memory suggestions into some solid tips for getting information, storing it efficiently, and retrieving it when you want it.  It’s a good gift for yourself or for those whose memories you wish were a little sharper – a fine way to remember all you do or certainly could do if you’d just remember them.

Remember to call us for the gift of Remembering.  Happy Holidays!





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