Summertime and the Training is Easy!

Summertime and the Training is Easy!

Many things are not easy right now, but training can be.  If you’ve been putting your training plans on hold until clarity returns – come on back!  Virtual training will be with us for a while, and the good news is that much has been learned about how to make the most of this format.

While many organizations are opening again for on-site working, many workers will still be working remotely.  Training that comes to them no matter where they are is convenient, easy to arrange, and hassle-free.  Even those with Zoom Fatigue from too many meetings and chats will be grateful for a learning experience that is brisk and challenging and fun.

Whatever training topic is on your mind, let’s put it online.  We’ve found that specific aspects of broad subjects such as Better Business Writing can be successfully addressed in 2 hour formats.  Clarity and Brevity, Grammar Gremlins, Editing and Proofreading, Punctuation and Structure, Writing for the Reader, have all been subjects of lively, informative virtual sessions, with participants bringing questions and examples for discussion.

Don’t let the confusion and chaos of work location keep your training programs from moving forward.  We’re here to help you. Our virtual training sessions are clear and brief and get results.

Visit our website to learn more about how our courses and services could improve your operations — If it’s easier, call me directly at 202-298-7700.

Judy Pollock, President

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