The Thing about Leaders

The Thing about Leaders

People don’t have to have followers to be leaders, as weird as that sounds.  But people who are leaders – those who exhibit the qualities and behaviors we associate with leadership – seem to attract attention.  And followers.

Who are these leaders to whom we’re attracted?  She may be the woman at the next desk who always knows how the day’s little questions fit into the big picture, and what should be done to answer them.  He may be the person who listens to your problems and helps you see that you know how to solve them.  Maybe in your workplace it’s the one who asks good questions, who gathers the energy of the team, who encourages and cheers for others.  It could be your neighbor who is calm and responsive; your friend who will problem-solve with you and check later to monitor progress.

Leaders can be anyone, but they all seem to have an eye for the vacuum, and a willingness to jump into it and fill it with order, whether they are in leadership positions or not. Some organizations seek the hidden leaders, and hope to lure them into action with training.   Some leaders operate on the down low – happily guiding and steering without formal recognition.

Do you know the leaders in your life?  Maybe one of them is you!

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