Training Trends for 2017

Training Trends for 2017

Those who watch training trends have offered predictions about what will be most helpful in the workplace in 2017.

As we move into the uncertainty and adjustment that accompany any administration transition, but particularly this one, as it signals significant changes, we can incorporate the predictions of  the trend watchers as we plan training programs for the new year.

Training that includes guidance for engaging employees in their work will be important, as will be tools to support them in their efforts, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-management.

Team work will deserve new attention, particularly as it focuses on the contributions made by those of different generations and cultures.  Work strategies for inclusion and cooperation will be welcome.

And, of course, communication skills will be critical. Collegial, productive interactions and clear writing are foundations for all successful training.

As you plan your 2017 training program, let us help you select the topics and areas of focus that will best suit your organization.  We can build a program of courses around those topics, and we can tailor course content to exactly fit your needs.


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