What Language is This?

What Language is This?

Language Lady runs into a Professional Acquaintance, and they have the following conversation:

LL:  Are you spending a lot of time getting ready for your conference?

PA:  I mean, so soon!  I’m like really, you know, sort of like worried that….I mean, we have great people who like KILL themselves working on it, but, you know.

LL:   So, you’re busy with it.

PA:  I mean, we wanted it to be like really kind of, you know, special, and I was like, Can’t we like bump it up or something?!

LL:  So, you’re introducing some new things?

PA:  I mean, you have to like compete with time and, you know, resources, and they’re all like, what will this cost?

LL:  It sounds like new ideas can be expensive.

PA:  I mean, we like never try really sort of innovative things, so I’m like I just don’t know.

LL:  Neither do I.

Language Lady wonders if she is the only person disheartened by this exchange, and by the language employed by the Professional Acquaintance.  Do you find this manner of speaking in your workplace?  Is it encouraged?  Discouraged?  Ignored?  Not noticed?

Let us know what you think.  Change is possible.



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