What’s Hot with the Cool Kids?

What’s Hot with the Cool Kids?

What’s Hot with the Cool Kids? That was to get your attention!

The ‘cool kids’ are our clients who doggedly and inspiringly press on with training even tho their classrooms are closed and their teams are dispersed. They offer training in topics that they know workers need, but as it’s harder to know what these distant workers need, they often ask us for suggestions.

“What’s popular now?” is a common query.

As we put together our list of *Top Hits I wondered how interest in these topics reflects how people are feeling. Interest in communication and self-development suggest that we want to stay connected with one another and to continue to look forward.

These seem to be good goals. They must be the cool kids.

*Top Hits Virtual Training

Virtual Workplace
Effective Virtual Meetings
Managing Your Team Remotely
Holding Your Own When Working Remotely
Finding Work/Home Balance
Maintaining Communication with Your Distant Team

Speaking With Power
Listening for Results
Get a Grip on Conflict
Presentation Skills
Influencing and Persuading
Collegial Communication

Developing Personal Initiative
Develop Your Inner Leader
Aligning Personal and Professional Goals
Take Charge of Your Career
Emotion Management

Communicate Effectively in English
Cross Cultural Communication

Professional Writing
Clarity and Brevity in Writing
Persuasive Writing
Editing and Proofreading for Error-Free Writing
Grammar Gremlins

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