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  • Catching a Trash Talk Bug

    Here’s how Hector started his last staff meeting: “I finished these prints last week and you guys never sent them out. Get this fixed. I should have done it myself.” Later that day Daisy, a member of Hector’s staff, spoke about the climate in their......

  • Watch Your Language

    In a recent interview, Sebastian Junger, author of “The Perfect Storm” and “Tribe”, describes the kind of writer he admires: “I look for someone who is…..hard-working in their prose.  By that I mean they take the time to choose words that surprise me; they use......

  • here-we-go-300x199
    Irritation by Email

    In a recent email writing class, someone mentioned the problem of partially-answered emails, and wondered if he needs to send separate emails for each question he wants to ask. Here is the email he sent to Aspen: “The meeting has been scheduled for 10, and......